Sottoriva America

"We are here in the USA to better serve the many Sottoriva customers and the new customers"

C.M. Sottoriva S.p.A. announced the establishment of their new company, Sottoriva America, Inc., at the start of the IBIE Baking Expo 2010 in Las Vegas in the Fall of 2010. The new company, with offices and warehousing, is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, just minutes outside of the City Centre, and, the Charlotte Douglas International Airport, now the 7th busiest airport in the USA.

The Sottoriva Family decided that in order to better serve the US market they should be directly involved with their own operation with a location along the East Coast. Because it is such a large and important bakery market, they moved to open their first overseas office in America (to improve the exchange of customer information in a timely manner).

Additionally, the Sottoriva Family recruited an American bakery industry veteran, Rich Wall, to lead this newly created organization, to oversee all the Sottoriva bakery machinery business for the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Central / South America.

"we are here in the USA to better serve the many Sottoriva customers that starting purchasing our machines nearly 40 years ago, and, the new customers that just purchased their first Sottoriva machine yesterday", says Wall. "Our job is not an easy one, but, our rich tradition and well-earned industry respect has just gotten closer to the customer here."

Some of the new plans for the future:

  • Improved customer service
  • New products designed around the needs of the North American, Central & South American customers.
  • An improved line of direct communication between the Charlotte (USA) operation and factory in Italy.
  • A "new" and "stronger" partner for the innovative and industrious bakery customer.

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We are “SO” committed to our bakery customers, we are, "SOTTORIVA" America, and, SOTTORIVA S.p.A. – Italy.